The summer schedule is posted on the Alaska Marine Highway site. The main schedule menu did not show it being available but when going into the online reservation system there was a link to view printed schedule that brought it up.

It can be views here.


It appears the Interisland ferry has changed its schedule from Ketchikan to Hollis this year. It will only be running once a day except for Fridays after July 4th when it will run the normal twice a day. This will likely impact people who have purchased airline tickets to coordinate with last years operating times. Please let us know if we can help resolve any conflicts. Our plans are to meet the ferry on the Sunday before camp to bring campers up and making a run down the Saturday after camp. We can be flexible but need to minimize the number of trips to the ferry.

You can go to the page here


One of several projects under consideration for this upcoming summer are a septic tank with leach field and a dual privy. Costs are being estimated to see what our budget will allow. Other projects competing for our limited funds are a motor & outdrive for the bayliner, extending the driveway to decrease the slope, and upgrading our small boats for bay fishing.

The following are some concept sketches for the dual privy. Let us know what you think.

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