Due to several recent cancellations we have several spots available for this summer.

  • 2 spots for Camp 2 (June 30-July 4th)
  • 2-4 spots for Camp 3 (July 7th-July 11th)
  • 2 spots for Camp 5 (July 21 – July 25th)
  • 2-3 spots for Camp 6 (July 28th-August 1st)
  • 2 spots for Camp 7 (August 4-August 8th)

When considering these openings remember that you would need to be in Ketchikan by 2:30 the day before the dates shown to catch the 3:30 ferry over to the island. We will have you out on the ferry and in Ketchikan by 10:30 or 11:00 the day after the dates shown.

If you are interested or have any questions contact Mark Gunkel mlgunkel@gmail.com 509 751 1293


Our application for tax free status with the IRS under 501(c)(3) was submitted a couple of years ago & we recently received a response. Our application was denied for a number of reasons, the most substantive being that since a part of our activities (fishing) are non exempt that makes the entire organization non exempt.

After much contemplation, prayer & discussion we have decided not to challenge the decision or start a process to conform to their guidelines. We desire to be free to do the work God called us to do and trying to comply to a set of regulations might impede that.

This does not change our purpose at all. We are still committed to use this as a way to bring the truth of Christ to people & enjoy Christian fellowship & God’s bounty. All of our staff remains volunteer and will continue to pay their own expenses to get to camp. We do this so we can keep the fees down to make this experience accessible to as many people as possible.

What does this ruling mean to you? The biggest change will be that donations are not deductible. During the period we had an application in for approval the IRS allowed donations to our organization to be deducted. Since our application was denied those donations are technically not deductible. Our IRS case manager said that  previous donations would not be tax deductible, however the IRS would not pursue looking into this. It is up to individual tax payers to ammend their returns if they decide to. We are not required to notify them unless we felt a need to do so.

In addition we will have to file tax returns for each of the years we have been in operation.

Hopefully this is not a hardship to you. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly through email at mlgunkel@gmail.com or telephone (509) 751-1293.

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