Halfway through week 4 and man, time is flying. The salmon are still in the bay, and they are biting extremely well. One note to all campers, when you come up, be sure to bring Pink and Orange Wigglewart plugs. These are working very well in the deeper water! Other than the Wigglewarts, Spinners and snag hooks are the way to go. The first day of camp produced a very respectable 42 salmon, and yesterday brought somewhere around 49.

Our halibut trip yesterday was long and hard, and sadly, not very fruitful. We brought back a total of 4 halibut, none of them noteably large. Despite the tough fishing, the campers saw a lot of whales, which are really quite amazing if you get close enough. Two more trips are scheduled for today and tomorrow, and we’re praying they are blessed with halibut.

Lastly, we had a great day out clamming at El Capitan (another trip scheduled for tomorrow) and we have 3 groups going on the El Capitan Cave tour, the largest cave in Alaska, and only a 20 minute drive from camp.

Dean is doing his message on prayer again this week, and even us who have heard it already are still gleaning new points previously missed. It’s been a great week so far, and it’s only getting better.


Another great week has ended here at 153 fish camp. This was a great group of guys (and gals) and they caught a bunch of fish. 269 to be exact. They added it all up and they brought home a total of 1100 lbs of halibut meat, and 2400 lbs of salmon. With the addition of Dean’s wonderful message on prayer, this was an awesome week.

On the roof: Luke

left to right on deck: Mark, Addie, Tracy, Arla, Pat, Rick, Jonathon, Gary, Gene, Dean, Dewey, Mike, Ted, Todd, Nick, Dewey

left to right on steps – top row: Bradley, Peter, Naomi, Able

left to right on steps – bottom row: Ashley, Hannah

Before I forget, we added up our season total of halibut….. 106 so far.

thanks for a great week guys!


Week 3 has had some fantastic halibut fishing! Tuesday’s trip came back with 419 lbs of Halibut, the largets being 96 pounds. Congrats to Gary on the large fish. Wednesday’s trip came back with 420 lbs of fish, the largest being 82 lbs, caught by Rick. We’re really scraping for freezer space after those two trips, and today’s trip isn’t even here yet! I’m thinking we might need to invest in some more freezers for next summer…. Thankfully we’re having the “not enough room” problem, instead of the “not enough fish” problem.

Another encouraging note, Pastor Dean Walker, from Garfield, WA, is up here this week and next giving us our nightly devotionals. This week he is doing a study on prayer, and it’s been great! Every night the guys will throw out prayer requests, and then pray for them in a group setting. It’s been a great study.

One more thing, this camp broke the 2009 camp record for the most fish caught in a single day! On Monday, these guys hauled in 72 salmon total, which beat the previous record of 69. Fishing has been amazing.

thanks for your prayers

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