Hey again,

Here’s a few pictures of the building project. I have yet to take some updated pictures (these are from a few days ago) but will do soon.


Working hard clearing the back hill:

Laying the new floor where the roof used to be:


Raising the trusses

Jim and Kurt building a kitchen island

Sheeting the front

Scotty and Mark putting the finishing touches on the roof

The front of the building

The pictures really don’t do justice to all of the hard work our crew put in, and as I’ve said before, we’re extremely grateful.

On another side note, the fish have been in thick for this first group of guys! A healthy mix of second-year veterans and brand new fishermen, the first camp has already been successful, catching many fish by the mouth today. (Yes, by the mouth!)

These fish are hitting lots of lures, but the best seems to be a chartreuse #4 or #5 Mepps Flying C. The coho have really been slamming that one…so for those of you yet to show up, buy that lure!


Well, it’s been a long week. But productive!

Our new building project of the year took place over the last seven days. With the help of 13 great volunteers, we heavily increased the size of our main eating/cooking/meeting cabin, which has been a huge bottleneck in the past.

Because of property lines and easements and such, our only viable option for expansion was not out, but up. Over the last seven days we’ve cleared the hill behind the current cooking cabin, torn the roof off, and expanded up and back, basically creating a whole new cabin out of the old one.

The building crew was absolutely phenomenal. All volunteer, Steve, Ted, Larry, Scotty, Connie, Dewey, Mike, Reid, Randy, Jim, Kurt, Dave, Dale, and Ed helped us work from breakfast to dinner, rain or shine.

It’s amazing how God working this building crew out. Each and every person had their own expertise, and were able to help immensely on various parts of the project. Furthermore, their arrival and departure times were scattered, which allowed for some to be there early to help us pick up lumber and unpack.

It has been a fantastic week, and we appreciate the selfless attitude of every volunteer. Thanks guys!

The first camp is coming in tonight, so work is temporarily halted on the new cabin to clean up and prepare for them. However, nearly all of it is done, save the sheeting on the back wall and some trim pieces. Thanks be to God for giving us the strength to finish the job, and safety for all.

As for the cabin…well…it sure looked smaller on paper.

Will post pictures very soon. Stay tuned.

Thanks for your prayers!

Safe and sound in Prince Rupert

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Jun 152010

Well, after 29 hours of nonstop driving, we’ve successfully made it to Prince Rupert, B.C, Canada.

Thankfully, there were no major breakdowns, although we weren’t without out problems…

However, after fixing the generator, flat tire (that blew off the fender!), and the boat trailer hitch, the Gunkels, two new boats, and a truckload of food rolled into Prince Rupert at 9:30 pm.

We’ll be catching a ferry to Ketchikan tonight, and arriving into camp tomorrow, just in time to meet the first of our building crew! (We’ll have a new cabin addition to the camp…stay tuned!)

Thanks to the Lord for getting us this far without problems.

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