Well… we didn’t break 400…..

we broke 500!!!

514 silvers in 1 week! The fishing is great right now. The silvers are stacked out there in the bay. They’re jumping all over the place, and finning/porpoising in huge schools. They’re hitting lures great as well!

Unfortunately, the halibut boat is still out of commission – it’s hopefully either the Ignition Control Unit or the CDI, but we are getting another one of each sent up from a guy who has a parts motor. Hopefully by Wednesday we’ll have those here and can get to work fixing the motor. Please pray that this outboard makes it through the season!

The weather has been great this whole week. It sure acted like it was going to start raining, but it held off, and was bright and sunny again today. (Which means we had to order more water in.) It made great weather for us staff to cut some firewood!

Overall, this week was fantastic… not only because of the fishing, but because of the fellowship. We had 5 different small groups of campers come up for this week, and by the end of the week, you couldn’t tell who came with who. Everybody got along so well, and we all made some memories that will surely last a lifetime. Mark started off the week with a set of devotions, and Pastor Bill Bull finished off the week with a communion service. This week was truly one for the record books, in more ways than one!

Looking for bears

Here’s the group picture:

Left to right: Ron, David, Mark, Joe, Kevin, Tony, Jeffrey, Jerry, Isaac, Joe, Josiah, Corey, Denny, Dave, Josh

Thanks guys for such a great week, and congratulations on setting the new camp record – 514 silvers in one week baby!!!



There are fish everywhere, and the best part is, these guys know how to catch them!

It’s midway through the 3rd week of camp, and the silvers are in thick. The sun has been out for the last 4 days, making it wonderful fishing weather, and the coho are stacked in the bay, chomping on lures left and right.  Some of them are big too! I’ve seen several caught this week that were pushing 12 – 14 lbs. We took a fish count earlier tonight at dinner…. let’s just say, I’ve got a feeling that we’re going to break 400 this week! 🙂

It’s a good thing the silvers have been so hot, because unfortunately, the halibut boat has been ice cold. The guys took one trip out to Snow Pass early this week, only to turn back because of rough weather. Now we have another engine problem (some sort of electrical short) which we have spent the last few days trying to fix. We’re still working through the manual, and are confident that the Lord will help us fix it, but unfortunately, the guys haven’t been able to get out halibut fishing at all this week. This hurts us staff very deeply… we all would love to see you guys get out there and catch some fish, and we feel horrible that this had to happen. God does have a plan though, and He will get us through it. Prayers for the boat would be appreciated. Thanks.

Other than the sad note of the halibut boat, things have been going well around camp. Jacob, Jonah, and myself have spent the last few days building a large woodshed off of the front of the main cabin. We also managed to get out fishing as well:

All in all, besides the ordeal with the halibut boat, this has been a successful week so far. The rain is coming again soon… the sky was dark and overcast today… which would be nice since we almost ran out of water today. More will come soon. Thanks for reading.


Well, the second week is out the door, and what a fantastic week it was. The fish were in thick, and almost everybody limited out every single day.

Halibut fishing picked up towards the end of the week. Mark took out a bunch of staff on a trip and they brought back 10 halibut and 8 cod.

The devotions were great as well, with Mark leading a talk focused on God-centered living vs. self-centered living.  All in all, it was a fantastic week, and we all had a great time.

Here’s everybody packing up all of the fish, early Saturday morning.

They brought home a total of 24 fish boxes… over 1200 lbs of Coho!

We forgot to take an official fish count… but with a rough estimate, I would say they brought home around 350 silvers! Nice job guys. That is a ton of fish!

Here’s the group picture:

Left to right, back row: Gary, Kevin, Jim, Allen, Tom, Randy, Jacob, Jonah, Reid.

Front row: Bill Mitchell, Bill Bunch, Kyle, Jake, Ted, Gary

Not pictured: Zach

Thanks so much for such a great week guys. It was so much fun spending the week with you all. Hope to see you back soon.

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