Even though it will be weeks before any campers wet a line things are already heating up.  Tracy, Luke, Hannah & Addie made the annual trip to Winco in Moscow where they filled ELEVEN yes eleven shopping carts with groceries.  We’ve got many more groceries & supplies to buy and put on the barge next weekend in Seattle.

We also got a good deal on a new refrigerator from Home Depot. (out of the scratch & dent section)

We are adding 3 boats to the fleet this year – much more on that later.

June 6th will be our pre-cooking day.  We will cook all the lasagnas, spaghetti sauce, and sausage for the summer.  We will also be cracking & freezing about 1000 eggs. – any of you in the Lewiston Clarkston area that want to participate let us know. (509) 758-1092

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