I say this every time, but I mean it every time too. What an awesome week! We had a great group of guys in last week, most of them were friends of Rob and Micah, and the other two were a long-time veteran and his daughter. Sadly, the tides made for pretty tough halibut fishing…we caught a fair amount of large halibut (from 50 – 80 lbs), but not many of them. The awesome whales made up for it though. We even had a couple within 100 yards from the boat. The salmon fishing is still great.

The power went out again, so the last nightly devotional was different than before.

It was a great time…something we should do more often.

Here’s a group photo for camp 4.

Left to right – top row: Mark, Dan, Luke, Mark, Tom, Sundee, Jake, Matt, Micah, Rob

left to right – middle row: Zeke, Dale, Dan, Dean

Left to right – bottom row: Tony, Isaiah, Chris, Michael, Hannah, Dave, Naomi

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