We’ve just had a group cancel so for this summer we have the week arriving June 21st & leaving June 27th and also the week arriving August 9th & leaving August 15th.

Let me know if you are interested.  Mark Gunkel mlgunkel@gmail.com (509) 751-1293


We currently have 7 weeks filled with one week open for this coming summer.   We are accepting registrations through 2010 and all the spots for 2010 are currently available.  There are no major construction projects for this year.  We are focusing our finances on purchasing new small boats.  We are tentatively planning on adding two to the fleet for this summer.  Boats we are considering are the Lowe 1648

and the Grizzly 1648 by Tracker.

Both are 16 foot models, 48″ beam at the bottom and 70 or 71 inches at the top with 20″ transoms.  The Tracker has .100″ hull and is all welded where the Lowe has .07″ hull and is only welded on the corners.  Everywhere else is riveted.

For motors we are looking at 9.9 hp 4 stroke Nissan, Johnson or Mercury outboards.  Non electric start 20″ shaft.  Our budget is around $4,000 complete per boat.  Any input would be gladly welcomed.


Here are some photo’s from the last week of our 2008 Summer Season

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