Fishing Tackle / Gear

  • Bring medium to heavy weight spinning system.  Casting distance and accuracy are very important, the better you are at this, the faster you will catch your limit.  Most of the time you will be spot casting to jumpers or schools of salmon swimming by (from boat or shore).  Bring a good quality reel.  Five days of fighting six or more Salmon a day will wear hard on a reel brake and gear system, also, if a seal decides he wants your fish, you are in for a tough fight.  The Salmon may or may not take a lure, probably depending on how long they have been in the bay, and it seems to change on a daily basis.

  • We’ve had very good success with Mepps Flying C Fishing Lure. Size 5/8 or 7/8 with a silver blade and a pink or chartreuse skirt.

  • Pixies don’t seem to work at all.

  • Snagging is legal in certain areas.  Use a weighted (2 oz) #8 treble hook. (Bring plenty) (we will have a few for sale if you run out)

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