What to Bring


NOTE: Out of respect for other guests, please do not bring alcoholic beverages. We will be keeping a “dry” camp.



Cooler(s) (If you want to bring fish home with you.)  Fish may also be shipped home in waxed boxes and dry ice, however, this is an additional expense, check with the airlines.

Fishing Gear & Tackle (Medium to heavy action spinning rod works fine, (heavy line, braided works good).  Local tackle can be purchased in Ketchikan or on the island if necessary).  See Fishing Info for more on tackle.

Gloves (rubber palm)


Hip or Chest Waders

Layered Clothes (Long-sleeved shirts, t shirts, sweat shirts, etc.; weather can range from 50s to high 70s)

Long Pants

Mosquito Repellant (lots) and/or netting

Passport  (unless you are flying to Alaska)


Sleeping Bag (camp provides the mattress)

Spending Cash ( for ferry meals, hot dog stand, etc. Not all local vendors accept credit cards)

Sun glasses (polarized are best)

Rain Gear (it is known to rain)

Snagging hooks   #8 treble with 2 ounces of lead, or you can buy them at camp for $1.00ea.



Vacuum Pack Bags (25′-50′ of at least 8″ wide depending on how many fish you want to bring home)

If you have special dietary restrictions let us know ahead of time.

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