Well, it’s the end of another great season at 153 Fish Camp.

God has blessed us with another fantastic summer… one that will hopefully never be forgotten. It’s been great getting to meet so many new people, as well as building relationships with friends. Thank you all for your prayers, donations, and support this past year, and us staff hope to see every single one of you up in Alaska again soon!

Thank you as well for all of the support from the blog-reading community! Thanks for sticking with it…even when it didn’t get updated for days at a time! Keep in touch! I’ll be posting here now and then throughout the year with new information regarding Fish Camp 2011… so be sure to check back every month or so! You guys are awesome. Thank you

God Bless you all!


It’s been a great past week here at fish camp. The guys had a fantastic time running from fishing hole to fishing hole, picking up salmon. Dave’s messages were, once again, fantastic, and the hot weather couldn’t be beat!

Since the silvers had died out in the bay, most of the fishing time was spent running from creek to creek chasing down pinks and sockeye. The guys put a lot of miles under them, but it was well worth it. They hauled in a ton of salmon! Fishing in the creeks is tough because it is difficult to get the salmon to bite a spinner. However, we had much success this week using a little jig we made up, as well as some greenish/purple flies Darrell picked up in town.

These lures and jigs were used mostly on pink salmon, however, some of the guys (Patrick especially!) were able to pick up silvers in the bay fairly easily, which means they aren’t completely gone yet!

One interesting story we had this week:

On the halibut trip, Richard had some answered prayers. “God, could you please make this boat go a little bit faster?” Immediately, the boat sped up, amazing because they were using the little 9.8 horsepower engine on their heavily loaded boat.

But that’s not all… “If God gives me a halibut today, I’ll know He’s trying to speak to me.” Well, Richard caught the only halibut of the whole trip! Thanks to the answered prayers, we now have a new member to the Christian family – Richard accepted Christ this week at fish camp! Congratulations Richard!

Some of the guys brought marshmallows, so we summed up the week with a bonfire on Friday night:

It was an early morning the next day… here’s the guys packing fish at 3:00 am

Here’s the group photo:

Left to right, Standing: Bob, John, Darrell, Jonah, Jacob, Bob, Brian, Patrick

Left to right, seated: Austin, Brandon, Richard, Chuck

Thanks for a great week guys. You all were a huge blessing to the camp, and I hope to see you all next year!


The staff had a fantastic halibut trip yesterday. Only one was caught, but it was a doozy!

Congrats Jacob on your 84 lb halibut!

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