Introducing the new face of halibut slaying via 153 Fish Camp…..

This boat is a BEAST! The setup crew went out on a halibut trip and pulled in 3 halibut (2 around 50 lbs and 1 at 35 lbs) and a nice rockfish. Although it is exposed to the elements, the open deck design and the under-floor fish storage compartments make halibut fishing a breeze. Thank you very, very much to Ed and Gary for all of the hard work they put into this boat there in Lewiston, ID. It is simply remarkable, especially compared to our old Bayliner.

Now, there are still a couple kinks that need to be worked out (notice the GPS receiver duct-taped to the light pole, just to name one) but all in all this boat is perfect for the waters we run in it, and the fish we will, Lord willing, catch with it.

Here’s some more pictures from the trip:

You’ve gotta love that sweet sound of vacuum packers running late into the night…. 🙂  Music to my ears.

Last but not least, the first group of campers arrived tonight and are raring to go! We have a fairly even mix of returning fisherman and newcomers. I can tell already that it is going to be a fantastic week. I even heard rumors about fishing for kings… 🙂

Thanks for all of your prayers. They are greatly appreciated. If you can, we would also appreciate a quick prayer for this upcoming camp, that they would have a fantastic experience.  Thanks for reading! Check back soon.

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