Matt (left) will be coming in May. There are a couple more guys strongly considering coming as well. It should be a great time. They will be working independently during the day and after I get done teaching school we will hit the water to see what we can find. There is no cost – to you – just get yourself up here. There is room for 1 or two more.

June 15-24 +/- Building crew – we can take a few more. We will be putting up another sleeping cabin and hopefully installing a walk in freezer. Yes, I said a WALK IN FREEZER.

Openings: Week of June 24th we can take 6-9 people, Week of July 22 we can take up to 7 people, Week of Aug 5 we can take up to 7 people. There are two different groups eying the July camp but no takers yet. Pass the word around – And if you know someone who NEEDs to be here and does not have the money let us know. We do have scholarship opportunities.

2013 – Only a few spots left. Call or email Jim or Debbie Dahl to book. (208) 308-1629

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