There are fish everywhere, and the best part is, these guys know how to catch them!

It’s midway through the 3rd week of camp, and the silvers are in thick. The sun has been out for the last 4 days, making it wonderful fishing weather, and the coho are stacked in the bay, chomping on lures left and right.  Some of them are big too! I’ve seen several caught this week that were pushing 12 – 14 lbs. We took a fish count earlier tonight at dinner…. let’s just say, I’ve got a feeling that we’re going to break 400 this week! 🙂

It’s a good thing the silvers have been so hot, because unfortunately, the halibut boat has been ice cold. The guys took one trip out to Snow Pass early this week, only to turn back because of rough weather. Now we have another engine problem (some sort of electrical short) which we have spent the last few days trying to fix. We’re still working through the manual, and are confident that the Lord will help us fix it, but unfortunately, the guys haven’t been able to get out halibut fishing at all this week. This hurts us staff very deeply… we all would love to see you guys get out there and catch some fish, and we feel horrible that this had to happen. God does have a plan though, and He will get us through it. Prayers for the boat would be appreciated. Thanks.

Other than the sad note of the halibut boat, things have been going well around camp. Jacob, Jonah, and myself have spent the last few days building a large woodshed off of the front of the main cabin. We also managed to get out fishing as well:

All in all, besides the ordeal with the halibut boat, this has been a successful week so far. The rain is coming again soon… the sky was dark and overcast today… which would be nice since we almost ran out of water today. More will come soon. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Fantastic. My heart yearns to be there, but this helps ebb the ache. We’ll be praying about the outboard. Tell Mark we’ll target getting a 4 stroke out of Asia next year. Ron looks like he has a couple to challenge his 31″ last year. God’s blessings to you, the staff and campers…you are in our prayers.

  2. Nice to see Jacob and Jonah helping you, Luke, with the woodshed. Your Mom, Dad and sisters will be much appreciative this winter. Also fun to see that you guys continue to catch fish. Eat a fresh one for me and tell Jacob to squeeze the ball and do his jumps! Can’t dunk if he doesn’t work hard. I will be praying for all of you and will keep in touch. Miss you a bunch, Randy.

    p.s. – Jacob and Jonah were angels for me and helped me get to fish camp. They are a gift from my Lord and I was blessed with their presence.
    Luke, can you ask Jacob if he gets my text messages? I’ll keep sending them if he does, even if he can’t respond. Thanks and love you guys.

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